Guides to France

Find the Perfect Destination for Your Holiday in France

Guides To France

France is a big place with lots of variety. Each of the regions has it's own distinct climate, food and scenery. These guides aim to help you find the best place for your holiday.

Map of Alsace


The Alsace will appeal if you love the great outdoors, as its wide open spaces, natural parks and soaring mountains are tailor made for outdoor pursuits. It has a unique gastronomy, a fusion of German and French cuisine, topped off with fabulous beers and wines. It's largely a gentle region, less inclined towards sophistication and more towards old fashioned family values, nature and sports.

Map of Aquitaine


The Aquitaine region is most famous for its beaches and wine, though it also has an abundance of bastides, chateaux, mountains and countryside. It was named by the Romans who were impressed at the many rivers running through the land.

Map of Auvergne


Auvergne is a land of mountains and rivers, of untouched nature and of volcanoes. It is home to some of France's most delicious cheeses, full of history and wild beauty, yet is little known to mainstream tourism.

Map of Brittany


Jagged coastlines, fine seafood, folklore and medieval castles dominate this ever-popular holiday destination. Ideal for families and very accessible from the UK.

Map of Burgundy


The very name "Burgundy" has a richness to it that is an excellent symbol for the region itself. Burgundy is full of riches: rich colours, rich wines, a rich patrimony, a rich gastronomy and a way of living that personifies the good things in life!

Map of Champagne Ardenne


Champagne-Ardenne is the only region of the world allowed to call its sparkling white wine by the name "champagne". It is a Mecca for lovers of this prestigious drink, but also a treasure chest of history and culture, of wildlife and natural beauty.

Map of Central Loire Valley


The Central Loire Valley or Centre Val de Loire region is France at its classical best. The gentle, fertile land of the Loire valley presents images of rolling pastures, fairytale castles, vineyards and historic towns.

Map of Franche-Comte


Picture a land of soaring mountains, shimmering lakes, thundering waterfalls, wild and unspoilt countryside and historic towns. Picture a region that produces superb wines and cheeses, offers a warm and friendly welcome to visitors yet is hardly known to the majority of holidaymakers. Picture Franche-Comte, the undiscovered jewel of eastern France.

Map of Paris Ile de France


Undoubtedly France's most famous region, the Ile-de-France has a rich and wonderful concentration of treasures to discover. Paris, the City of Light, one of the most romantic cities on earth beckons, and indeed, you can spend many a holiday in Paris without becoming bored. However, the region has more to offer than just its illustrious capital.

Map of Languedoc Roussillon


The Languedoc-Roussillon region is a holiday paradise that offers a huge diversity of land and seascapes and activities to suit all tastes and ages. Situated in the south of France, the region benefits from a fantastic sunshine record as well as a fascinating history and heritage.

Map of Lorraine


The Limousin region is France's lush, green Lakeland, a natural paradise of meadows, woodlands and lakes interspersed with character towns and villages and heritage cities. It lies in south-west central France, and is easily accessible from the UK thanks to the airport and TGV station of Limoges and the excellent road network that leads to it.

Map of Lorraine


The region of Lorraine, in north-east France, is the only French region to have borders with three other countries. It nestles up against Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, creating a melting pot of cultures which make the region unique.

Map of Lower Normandy


With rolling fields, wholesome food and thriving seaside towns, Lower Normandy is a great place to holiday and is perfect for those wishing to take the ferry.

Map of Midi-Pyrenees


The Midi-Pyrenees is the biggest region in metropolitan France. It is also hugely diverse, containing the capital city of Toulouse, the agricultural lands of the Gers and Tarn, and the snowy peaks of the Pyrenean Mountains.

Map of Nord Pas de Calais


The Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France's most northerly region and Britain's nearest neighbour, is a part of France which is full of life and fun, bursting with a vibrant culture and possessed of a fine coastline and countryside. The history of the region is fascinating, as the names of its towns and beaches bring the events of the two world wars vividly to life.

Map of Picardy


The Pays de la Loire is a large and diverse region that lies along the west coast of France, and reaches inland to border the regions of Brittany, Lower Normandy, the Central Loire Valley and Poitou-Charentes. Due to its size and diversity, the region offers endless opportunities for holidaymakers to discover their personal holiday idyll. 

Map of Picardy


Picardy is one of France's oldest provinces, and positively oozes history. It's a delightfully rural and deeply agricultural region, easily accessed from the UK and packed with interesting places to see. It also offers a small but lovely stretch of coast.

Map of Upper Normandy


The region of Poitou-Charentes is located in the west of France, and is bordered on its west side by the Atlantic coast, by Aquitaine to the south, Limousin to the east, the Central Loire Valley to the north-east and by the Pays de la Loire to the north. The region has many tourist attractions, and offers a fine blend of seaside, countryside and heritage or city based holiday possibilities.

Map of Upper Normandy


The Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region of south-east France has been a popular holiday destination for many years. Offering its hugely appealing blend of Mediterranean and mountain magic, this region is blessed not only with a spectacular coast and countryside, but also with the best weather in the country.

Map of Upper Normandy


The Rhone-Alpes is a largely mountainous region that lies in the east of France, bordering Italy and Switzerland. To the south-west, the Rhone-Alpes becomes quite Provenšal in character, while in the east it is a paradise for lovers of winter sports and mountain scenery.

Map of Upper Normandy


With its timber-framed houses, majestic ruins of abbeys, chateaux and churches, and the soft light of the Seine, Upper Normandy never fails to reveal new attractions. Accessible from the UK and not far from Paris.


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